Neutral-Flavoured Sorbos

Neutral-Flavoured Sorbos

Neutral-Flavoured Sorbos

37,40 €

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SORBOS is the first edible, flavoured and 100% sustainable straw on the market. They’re the small detail set to make a big difference to your drinks.

Enjoy the new way to drink your beverages and do your bit for a world without plastic. #Eco-Tasting

The flavours of our Sorbos won't affect your drink; they hold their shape for at least 40 minutes, they won't fall apart, they just start to soften – and that's the perfect time to eat them

Allergen-free, Gluten-free and GMO-free

What's more, for every 200 biodegradable straws that you order, you'll get a free straw dispenser.

No shipping costs for orders to mainland Spain.

No special storage is required, and we recommend that you consume them preferably within 2 years.